Why Choose Us?

For many children, especially those who are attending an educational setting for the first time, the beginning of their pre-school experience (in either program), can be a worrying time. It is quite normal for the children (and parents!!!!) to feel anxious when leaving the family, even for a short time, so PLEASE do not be too concerned if your child seems reluctant to be left at the beginning of the session. Very often, a tearful child upon arrival will have settled in very well by the end of the session, laughing and joining with other children. However if you are particularly concerned about the way your child is settling in, please do not hesitate to discuss the matter with staff.

All children are individual and react in varying ways.

For this vital reason, both 3 and 4 year old programs help the children to develop basic attitudes and skills that are developmentally appropriate to each individual’s age and stage. This is achieved through careful observations and assessing of where the children are functioning and then planning for each, as well as the group as a whole, as we guide them through their experiences.

Throughout the year, the children may be taken outside the kindergarten on excursions in order to extend the educational program being offered.

Of course, no child may be taken outside the Pre-school by staff, without the written consent from parent/guardian.

Several incursions are planned throughout the year where entertainers or educational experts may come in to show the children their area of interest. This can be in the form of displays, music, drama. This also assists the children to get used to new people coming into the kindergarten.